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Filters & Cleaners Available from Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change Centre

Pennzoil® Air Filters

Pennzoil® Air Filters are precision engineered with the highest quality materials to ensure that it meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s design specifications. Pennzoil® Air Filters filter and trap harmful dirt particles as small as 10 microns from the air that enters your vehicle. Conventional air filters primarily hold dirt on the surface of the air filter. Pennzoil® Air Filters use interlocking fibers to trap dirt within the filter as well as on the surface.

Pennzoil® Oil Filters

Pennzoil® Oil Filters are full-flow filters. This means that they provide a low restriction to oil flow while maintaining a high filtering efficiency. Pennzoil® Oil Filters have anti-drain and pressure bypass valves. The anti-drain valve prevents the oil from completely draining from the oil filter when the vehicle is turned off. This ensures that the engine has oil to lubricate itself once it restarts. The pressure bypass valve allows for the oil to flow past the filter if it gets blocked with dirt. Together, these two technologies allow for your engine to stay lubricated and perform at its best.

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