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Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance with Maintenance Additives

We offer many additives to help your car run smoother. Use additives alongside your regular maintenance schedule to maximize your vehicle’s performance:

Engine Flush

An engine flush cleans dirt deposits from inside your engine. It may be needed if you have been waiting too long in between oil changes.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

The fuel injector sprays fuel into the engine for combustion. A dirty fuel injector can make your engine hesitate, increase fuel consumption, and increase your vehicle’s emissions.

2 Step Fuel System Cleaner

Get the most from your fuel by ensuring a clean fuel system. The fuel system cleaner cleans any buildup in your fuel intake and injectors. With a clean fuel system, you can ensure that your car is driving at optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Oil Stabilizer

Increase the performance of your engine with an oil stabilizer. This additive can help stop any knocking noises in your engine as well as increase your oil pressure, slow down oil consumption, increase fuel efficiency, and increase your engine’s power. This oil stabilizer can also slow down oil leaks.

Transmission Additive

This additive can stop your transmission from hesitating or shifting roughly. It is also very effective in stopping most transmission seal leaks.

Power Steering Leak Additive

This additive helps stop power steering seal leaks. It also increases responsiveness and squeals in your vehicle’s rack and pinion steering system.

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