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Regular Maintenance to Keep Your Vehicle Up & Running

Regular maintenance ensures your vehicle is running at full capacity and has a long life. Along with our oil change package and rustproofing services, Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change Centre offers full service maintenance. Regular maintenance on your vehicle can catch issues before they evolve into complicated and expensive problems. Recommended maintenance intervals may vary by make, model, and year of your vehicle. Please refer to your owner’s manual provided by your vehicle manufacturer for exact specifications and maintenance intervals. Some of our full maintenance services include:

Engine Air Filter Replacement/Install

Allow your engine to breathe easy with a clean air filter. Much like humans need air to breathe, an engine needs air to run. A dirty filter restricts your engine’s air which causes it to burn more gas, increase emissions, reduce performance, and increase wear.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement/Install

Take a breath of fresh air by changing your vehicle’s cabin air filter. A cabin air filter cleans the air inside your vehicle by removing dust, pollen, mould spores, and other small particles to keep you vehicle’s air clean. A dirty cabin air filter can also damage your fan by putting it through unnecessary strain.

Check & Replace Wiper Blades
See clearly with a new pair of wiper blades. If your blades skip, leave streaks, split, or squeak, it’s time to replace them. Our wiper blade inspections check for broken frames, metal corrosion, cracks, tears, and missing pieces.

Radiator Flush
(Recommended from 48,000 - 80,000 km)

Keep your engine cool with a 100% coolant change. Coolant is needed to keep your engine at a safe temperature. Coolant breaks down over time and loses much of its ability to cool your vehicle’s engine in the summer and warm it in the winter. An overdue coolant flush may lead to damage to your vehicle’s radiator, water pump, and engine.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush
(Recommended from 80,000 – 96,000 km)

Protect the life of your automatic transmission with a 100% fluid change. Your automatic transmission generates a lot of heat which causes your transmission fluid to break down. This may lead to costly damage to your automatic transmission.

Manual Transmission Fluid Change
(Recommended from 80,000 – 96,000 km)

Protect your manual transmission by making sure that the fluid is clean. Unlike automatic transmission fluids which degrade over time, manual transmission fluids become dirty as metal particles from the bearings and gears mix into it. This reduces the transmission’s performance, makes it work harder, and may shorten its life.

Differential Fluid Change
(Recommended from 18,000 - 96,000 km)

Make sure your wheels keep moving with a differential fluid change. Your vehicle’s differential is a set of gears that transfers the power from the transmission to the wheels. Differential fluid lubricates the gears to prevent wear and high heat generation. When the fluid breaks down, it loses much of its lubrication capabilities and can cause heavy wear.

Transfer Case Fluid Change
(Recommended from 24,000 - 96,000 km)

Allow us to help keep your four-wheel-drive (4WD) or all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle running smoothly with a transfer case fluid change. A transfer case is a gearbox, similar to a differential, for your 4WD or AWD vehicle. The fluid keeps your gears cool and lubricated in order to minimize wear. Without appropriate fluid replacement, premature wear and damage occurs as the fluid breaks down.

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