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Why Should I Change My Oil?

Your engine consists of moving parts that are the driving force behind you engine. In fact, the RPM gauge you may see on your dashboard indicates the amount of cycles your engine has gone through in a minute. Depending on your car and driving habits, your engine can be moving through as little as 1,000 RPMs or as many as 12,000 RPMs. Due to the speed at which engines are required to move, oil is needed to lubricate the engine parts, disperse heat, and absorb any dirt or contaminants that have entered the engine. Over time, the oil additives begin to break down and get dirty from absorbing all the contaminants. This causes the oil to lose its ability to lubricate your engine. If your oil gets too old or dirty, it can cause your engine to seize because of poor lubrication and dirt build up.

Oil Change Packages – No Appointments, 10 Minute Service

Oil changes are our speciality at Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change in St. Catharines. During your visit, we will make sure to service your vehicle based on the manufacturer’s requirements. Each oil change is only 10 minutes, providing you a quick and convenient service that won’t disrupt your busy schedule. No appointments are necessary. Just drive on in to one of our centres today for your 10 minute oil change.

Our oil changes are approved by your dealership and manufacturer’s warranty. All the services that we perform will meet or exceed your manufacturer’s requirements and specifications.

We want you to get the most out of your car. It is our duty to inform you if we notice anything in your car that may require your attention. We would be happy to help if we are able to provide the services and parts to address the issue. You are under no obligation to purchase the parts or services from us.

Our service checklist:

✔ Up to 5 L of Pennzoil® oil

✔ New car warranty approved oil filter

✔ Power steering top up to 200ml

✔ Windshield washer fluid top up to 2L

✔ Lubrication of undercar fittings (when recommended)

✔ Lubrication of door hinges and hood latch

✔ Tire pressure check and adjustment (some restrictions may apply)

✔ Clean windshield

✔ Visual checks of:

Air filter

Cabin air filter (where applicable)

Fuel filter

Front and back differential (when recommended)


PCV valve

Wiper blades

Brake fluid

Transmission fluid (where applicable)

Radiator fluid

(*Special applications extra)

Maintenance and rustproofing are also available to help keep your vehicle up and running.

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